We are a vibrant, multi-cultural, spirit-filled, family church, placed in the heart of Brooks, Alberta to Connect with God & People, Cultivate the Word of God, & Commission people into His purpose.

Our goal is to create an atmosphere of love, acceptance, and forgiveness where people can pursue an encounter with God.
Sunday Services: 10:30 am, 424 3rd Street West, Brooks AB ~ (Directions)
Office Hours: Monday-Thursday from 9am to 3pm.
Telephone: 403-362-8697
Email: info@brookschurch.ca

Connect Groups

In the fall and in the spring we run a 8 week series that promises to help you in your journey of life. Partnering with Right Now Media

Here at Brooks Church of God  we believe there is great value in connecting with others and serving. Once you have made BCOG your home, then we invite you to become involved! What God is doing here is special, and we want you to have a part in that. At BCOG church, membership isn’t the focus. We emphasize partnership, and there are several ways to partner with us in what we’re doing here.

So wherever or whatever you are in life — a business person, a teacher, student or single mom — we have a place for you to connect with God and with other people. The best way to connect with others is through serving with our Frontline Team, Ministry Team or by getting involved in our Connect Groups.



Pastors Joel and Amanda Goodnough


Our Senior Pastor and his wife both enjoy the community of Brooks and believe that this city is primed for a move of God and desire to be a part of it.  They have 3 kids, a dog  and a cat.  Apart from the church they enjoy volunteering for community programs & events.  Although they have never skydived, ran with the bulls or went hunting, they think people that do are cool and enjoy talking to them over coffee.

Jodi Cave


Jodi serves as the Administrative Assistant to Pastor Joel, helping to manage and organize the Church activities.

Marlyssa Willford


Marlyssa serves the Brooks Church of God as Council member, as well as a small group leader.

Perry and Jenny Dahl


Perry and Jenny Currently Serve as the Ushers and Greeters ministry leaders and always have a warm smile to share.

Ramon and Viviana Tapia


Ramon and Viviana head up our Worship Department as well as always being willing to lend a helping hand.

Andrew and Serrina Lees


Andrew and Serrina head up the Celebrate Recovery group that runs at the church on Thursday evenings.  They have a heart for the broken, lost and deceived, and wish to see them healed and set free through Jesus Christ.

Andrew also serves the Church by sitting on the Pastor’s Council.

Dorothy Daniels


Dorothy Serves the Brooks Church of God through the Pastor’s Council and as a small group leader. She also serves the Body of Christ as a whole through prayer, and volunteering.

Sharon Wilson


Sharon serves as the 50 plus Ministry Leader, as well as a prayer warrior and a helping hand when needed.

Stephen Wilson


Stephen is the leader of the Media department at the Brooks Church of God and believes that God has created technology for His glory and for the benefit of the body of Christ. He seeks to bring glory to God through excellence in leadership and the application of technology. If you have a interest in technology and a desire to learn, he  invites you to serve God through the media department of Brooks Church of God.


Contact Us

If you would like to contact us we would love to hear from you, pop in or call during office hours or drop us an email anytime.


We are currently holding Sunday Services at 

424 3rd ST West (Click for Google Maps)  The office is in the house across the parking lot from the church (main entrance is at the back).


Office Hours:

Monday-Thursday from 9am to 3pm.

Telephone: 403-362-8697

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BCOG Podcast

You will be challenged to become more than you think you are or you could be.  It is through Christ that we find our true self, the one who God wants us to be.

July 2016

Water Baptism

Pastor Joel continues with The Purple Book Series with this message on Water Baptism.

Your Heavenly Purpose

Missionary and guest speaker Dennis Heppner speaks on the call to serve that is on your life.

June 2016


Pastor Joel continues in chapter three of The Purple Book with this message on repentance.